About Us

As a leading producer of gift, loyalty and membership cards, our digital brands customisation tool (API) is devoted to helping your consumer to customise their card, making it a more enticing and exciting proposition for your business. Our company values of Innovation, Integrity and Passion for providing a quality product are traits that every member of our team pride themselves on and take individual responsibility for.

We believe that the whole consumer experience doesn’t stop once they have purchased the product from your website. It continues through the fulfilment process until it reaches the intended recipient. This is why it is an integral part of our values to ensure what we produce is always top quality.

As part of the Nitecrest group of companies, we have over 20 years’ experience in providing these types of card products to the industry. Nitecrest is one of the leading suppliers of prepaid Gift and Loyalty Cards in Europe today. We have taken the mystery out of offering an electronic Gift or Loyalty Card to your customers.


In 2010, Nitecrest decided to develop an added value web to print solution with ALL fulfilment carried out in their secure Visa and MasterCard certified UK headquarters. Rather than being complacent, Nitecrest would continue to lead the way through innovation. We are transparent with the fact that customising items isn’t a new concept; however it hasn’t been done with this type of product before. The way in which Nitecrest produces and processes a web to print order, fulfilled directly to your consumer, is completely unique and cost effective considering that each order is individually managed and quality checked throughout. With years of research and development, Nitecrest have now created a bespoke solution that truly adds a new dimension to the European marketplace.